Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What next?

I went to do some sewing tonight, and realized that I have no ongoing projects for the first time since I re-unpacked the sewing machine. Horrors! So what do I want to do next? I do have a couple of Christmas projects I could start working on. But my fabric stash for clothes is pretty minimal - the only thing I have fabric for is a summery shirt. And it's not so summery out there anymore.

I do, however, have a rather large stash of patterns.  So perhaps I'll pick a couple and then go wander through some fabric stores.

So here's what I have. Two tops:
Simplicity 3750
Butterick 4985

...three dresses, two of which are possibly odd retro patterns that were $2 each:
Colette Crepe

Butterick 4790
Simplicity 3833

...and a bunch of skirts, some of which I'm not convinced would actually look good on me:
Butterick 5613

McCall's 5431

Simplicity 2152
Vogue 8749

And then the things I won't be making now. Knit dresses for when I learn how to sew knits (part of the pattern sale):
Vogue 1027
Vogue 1194

 And a dress I love that is a little beyond my skills right now. But one day!
Colette Rooibos

What do you think? Have a favourite?


  1. I love the McCall's 5431 skirt pattern - the brown and green example especially!

    Also, the Simplicity 2152 skirt - with pockets!!

  2. The Simplicity 2152 looks like a lot of skirts I've owned in corduroy... I'm wondering if it's a good candidate for a fabric substitution? It's less flowy/full than the others, so drape and lightness aren't as big a deal... this is me talking from my expertise as an intermediate knitter, only, so you know... not even worth $0.02.

    I ADORE the Vogue 1027 knit dress, so so much. That lightweight knit is soooooo unforgiving to the less-than-model-perfect figure, but the gathering and ties provide a lot of subtle camouflage. Hmm, I can't seem to find the "place order" button on your site here. How do I write to the webmaster to complain?

  3. @seenonflickr - The 5431 was the pattern I originally bought for my course, but had to abandon it because it didn't have a waistband.

    @sarcasma - with a slightly heavier knit those kinds of dresses are surprisingly flattering, I find (which is why I ended with 2 patterns, in hopes one would look good). So maybe!