Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back again

Hello, lovely people in my computer! I've been neglecting you. In my defence, I've also been neglecting the sewing. No sewing, nothing to talk about. It's the time of year, you know? Plus I needed fabric before I could do anything.

However, I went to the giant Fabricland members sale, and now I have PLANS. Meanwhile, a couple of pics of skirts in the real world.
I got a couple of compliments on the skirt - mostly on how cute the rickrack on the bottom is. Heh. The rickrack made all the difference.

I don't know about this look. I am finding this skirt incredibly hard to style. I blame the pink. In any case, I just wanted to wear it, so I pulled out the black, but I don't love black except with other black, so it wasn't my favourite.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What next?

I went to do some sewing tonight, and realized that I have no ongoing projects for the first time since I re-unpacked the sewing machine. Horrors! So what do I want to do next? I do have a couple of Christmas projects I could start working on. But my fabric stash for clothes is pretty minimal - the only thing I have fabric for is a summery shirt. And it's not so summery out there anymore.

I do, however, have a rather large stash of patterns.  So perhaps I'll pick a couple and then go wander through some fabric stores.

So here's what I have. Two tops:
Simplicity 3750
Butterick 4985

...three dresses, two of which are possibly odd retro patterns that were $2 each:
Colette Crepe

Butterick 4790
Simplicity 3833

...and a bunch of skirts, some of which I'm not convinced would actually look good on me:
Butterick 5613

McCall's 5431

Simplicity 2152
Vogue 8749

And then the things I won't be making now. Knit dresses for when I learn how to sew knits (part of the pattern sale):
Vogue 1027
Vogue 1194

 And a dress I love that is a little beyond my skills right now. But one day!
Colette Rooibos

What do you think? Have a favourite?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Number 3

I finished this skirt today. It's the same pattern as this skirt, although it looks pretty different to me. I liked the pocket so much I made two, as you can see. I also cut the skirt to be a bit narrower. And I made my own waist tie, out of the same material as the pockets (a pink and green check, if you can't see it).

I'm also wearing the same shirt in both pictures. I think this is a sign I need to stop making skirts with green in them.

This skirt feels much more homemade - the fabric is a pretty light (and cheap) cotton, but it also has a certain amount of stretch, which caused the hem to pucker a bit. Up close it's not the cleanest looking thing. But I love the pattern mixing. I'm not totally sure what I have to wear with it, though.

Outfit post

Proof that I actually wear my sewing projects - I wore this to work last week (and then had to wait until I replaced my camera batteries to post it).