Sunday, November 10, 2013

Muslin take 2

I have a new sewing machine! After many struggles attempting to sew anything more than a couple of layers of fabric, I realized that I needed something better if I were to improve.

It's nothing super fancy, just better. So much smoother! The fabric doesn't bunch up when I cross a seam, which was a continual problem before.

I tested it out on a second muslin of my pants. I forgot to take any photos, sorry! But I think I worked out most of the problems. The only thing is that I'm not convinced of the width of the legs. I did narrow them, but I might narrow them more. These are meant to be wide legged pants, but they are dramatically wider than the pattern pictures.

In other news, a sewing school is opening at the end of my block. I'm hoping they'll offer some advanced classes so I can take one and then have access to studio time with giant tables for cutting patterns. I'm so tired of cutting on the floor.


  1. I have the exact same machine - and I love it! Make sure you get the walking foot attachment because even if you don't quilt it is awesome for keeping things from bunching up. And do tell, where is this new sewing school in TO?

    1. Excellent, thank you!

      The Work Room is opening a new branch in Riverside - on Carroll St. Classes start this month.

    2. I realized as I was in a meeting this afternoon that it's not the Workroom, it's the Make Den that's opening a new branch. Same place, though. :)