Saturday, July 30, 2011

Second (okay, third) completed project!

Don't worry, I won't number every project. The novelty will eventually wear off.

This week in sewing class we made zippered pouches, in order to practice putting in a zipper in preparation for making our skirts. This was the first week where everything didn't go completely smoothly - the zipper installation was fine, but I had some issues sewing the topstiched box around the zipper. First the thread snapped, then my bobbin ran out, I forgot to backstitch when starting again, and then I got very confused about which direction I was sewing. So it was a pretty ugly decorative feature.

I wanted to make sure I had the zipper thing down, so I made another one at home from leftover skirt fabric, which went much smoother. Hooray. I'm now using it to carry sewing supplies to and from class.

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