Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ta-da: it's a skirt

Look, I made a skirt! My sewing destiny has been fulfilled.

Here's the story of the skirt: What I didn't mention in the story of why I started sewing is that I bought the sewing machine 3 1/2 years ago. I bought the machine, and this excellent book Sew What Skirts, that shows you how to make skirts without official patterns. And I started making a drawstring skirt.

When I was about halfway done I moved into a new place with a roommate, and there was no place for a kitchen-type table, and definitely no space in my room for a sewing table. So the sewing machine sat in its box for 2 years. Eventually, after my various roommates left, I bought a table and chairs, and entertained thoughts of sewing again, but I was scared that I wouldn't remember how. So I decided to sign up for a beginning sewing class, to push me into sewing again. Once I'd been to the first class and had figured out once again how to thread a machine, I pulled this skirt out and attempted to finish it off.

So, the skirt didn't turn out like the picture - it's much more volumnous. I don't even remotely remember when I first cut the fabric, but my theory is that I used a 60" when it was designed for 45" fabric, or something like that. Supporting this theory is the fact that the bottom is supposed to have the green rickrack as well, but I didn't have enough, so clearly it's not supposed to be so wide and gathered. But it's done, and I wore it to work and it didn't fall apart, so I'm thrilled.

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