Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 ahoy


Another photoless post...because I completely forgot to take any photos of the shirt I made for my dad for Christmas.This may be because once again I was sewing on the buttons on Christmas Eve. Sigh. But the shirt turned out great, and he was happy again. Next year I'll do something for my mom.

But now, something for me. I have an objective for 2013: Become a faster sewer. By this I mean both actually sew faster (or at least pin faster, read patterns faster, fret less) and finish projects more quickly (meaning spend more time sewing). So my goal to make this happen is to try to complete one thing for me every month. If this happens, I'll have 12 new pieces of clothing at the end of 2013! And wouldn't that be awesome.

In the interests of completion, though, January's project is actually two UFO's - the shirt that just needs buttonholes and buttons, and the dress from my class, which needs a lot of handsewing. But starting February, I'm digging into the post where I matched fabrics with patterns, and making something new each month. Scout's honour.

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  1. Wow! That's an ambitious but excellent goal. I sure couldn't knit a new garment every month, but maybe if I alternated tiny projects with bigger ones and worked on two at a time it'd average out. ;)