Sunday, January 20, 2013

Level up: Blouse

"Blouse" is not a word I ever used until I started sewing. Anything I wore on top was a shirt, no matter what it looked like or what it was made of. Blouses were giant poufy 80s things with huge bows (sidenote: those are back. I know.)

But in sewing, things are more specific. Shirts are tailored and button-down, blouses are...not. Highly technical language, I know. Anyway, "blouse" has come back into my vocabulary. And now into my wardrobe!

I did two new things with this project: made a blouse, and made a muslin/toile. A toile is basically an unfinished test version that you make in order to test the fit. I haven't bothered up until now because, 1) I'm so slow, and it's basically like making another half a thing, and 2) my waist and hip measurements fit into a standard pattern size, and I mostly made skirts. But since, as always, I read far in advance of my actual skill level, I was pretty paranoid about fitting on the top, what with being larger than a B-cup (which is pattern standard).

Enjoy my classy pjs and morning hair.

So I made the toile in a 14 (from an old bedsheet!) and tried it on. And then stared at it - I could tell it didn't fit properly, but I had no idea what the problem was. Toile fail. I thought at first it was too small across the bust, but eventually I decided it was too big everywhere else, which is why it was pulling. For the real thing I cut a 12 for the top and a 14 for the bottom (for the hips).

I do like the blouse - I wore it to work on Friday! But I think it might still be too big. When I make it again (which I will), I think I'll cut a 12 all around. And maybe shorten the back? If I can figure out how. In any case, I totally count this as a win.


  1. I missed this post back when it went up! Boo. It looks cute as is -- amazingly better in the final version than the trial! Very cute and shapely.