Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dress Me Up

I made a dress! Although I suppose the more exciting part is that I FINISHED a dress.

The bad news is that I didn't meet my January goal of finishing up my two UFOs (the shirt and the dress). But I was only 2 days late, so that basically counts, right? Good enough!

I'm pretty happy with it. It's fully lined, which was the reason I picked this pattern from the list for the course (actually the pattern had only the top lined, but I added a lining to the skirt) - that was a trick I wanted to learn. And the fabric was a fabulous gift from my friend K in England. It is, however, very definitely not perfect.

 This is a perfect gathered sleeve. not. It's so flat!

Whoops - my seams don't match up. Yikes.

And the pattern really doesn't match up. Look at those circles! In my defense I had barely enough fabric for the pattern. I actually had to shorten it quite a bit in order to fit all the pieces onto the fabric, but I'm pretty short, so it worked out to be the right length.

The waist is too short in the front (my hand is at my natural waist). That's because I didn't do a proper full bust adjustment - I just faked it by cutting the top in the same size as the bottom (instead of 2 sizes smaller, which is my actual size minus the boobs), and pinning to fit. So of course the whole thing is hiked up in order to fit over the ladies.

Here's the thing, though: I don't care. I like the dress! Sure, it's not perfectly fit and gorgeously tailored, but it has awesome material and I will totally wear it. 

...when it's not winter.


  1. IT'S ADORABLE! Congratulations. What a great result, even without considering that it's your first dress. Considering that, it's just ridiculous.

    I don't think I've EVER purchased or seen a perfectly matched-up print on a store-bought dress, so although I get that that's the ideal, boy, it doesn't count in my mind. :D Ditto the sleeves -- I like a puffed/gathered sleeve, but the mass-market stuff I can afford always has one puffy, one noticeably less so.

    Well done!!


  2. That's lovely! So pretty.

    Hey, I love the background of your blog. ;-P

    1. Hee - I noticed our matching backgrounds the other day when I left the comment (I usually read through Google Reader). I'm from Victoria - maybe it's something in the air. :)